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Books to Success: Success Vitamins

Get whatever you desire!: Go from where you are to where you want to be with the right dose of Success Habits and Success Mindset! (English Edition)

This book has everything you need to succeed and it`s explaied in a very esay way!!! you have to read it!! succeed now!! take your vitamins!!



Get whatever you desire!: Go from where you are to where you want to be with the right dose of Success Habits and Success Mindset! (English Edition)

Stop wasting time and money!

It doesn’t matter how much you want to succeed or how devoted you are to what you do. Without practical and clear ideas to help you get what you want, all is lost!.

Success Vitamins guarantees to help you achieve what you desire in all aspects of your life such as family, career, business and personal development.

Every day we have the opportunity to change our life and results. Success Vitamins, through each of its pages has the objective to share with you reflections, ideas, experiences, etc., which support you on a day-to-day basis to identify and seize every opportunity available for you.

No doubt this book WORKS BIG TIME

We all can be very successful in any area we set our mind to, however not everyone gets to do it. The difference lies in our thoughts, in how clear you are in what you want in life, in the actions you take and determination you have, every day until what you want actually happens.

Success Vitamins, provides you with small doses of ideas which, if you reflect on them and bring them to action, the results will certainly improve. I talk about improvement; because, like our body our mind needs to be fed, take care of, so that it doesn’t get contaminated with the negativity and problems around us.

When feeling poorly we visit a doctor, (a professional on health) he ask questions that will help immediately identify the problem, or the origin of the illness and prescribes medicines, new eating habits and vitamins.

According to the analogy above, in these times there are a lot of ill people, and some with crisis at a delicate place due to the current situation we live in. People, most of the time, talk about insecurity, drug dealing, economics, work, negativity, and so on, things that take away the good and fun to our life, the worst part is none of these things are in your power to handle. So you fill your mind with negative thoughts, which affect your emotions when you hold on to them for months or even years. It creates feelings of fear, anguish, terror, lack of faith, discomfort, anger, frustration, disappointment, guilt, overwhelm, solitude, etc., therefore, when having this sort of feelings is valid to say that the outcome will be negative, thus, you will feel worse.


•    Vitamin 5: «Information is Power”
•    Vitamin 12: “Gratefulness”
•    Vitamin 24: “Continuous preparation”
•    Vitamin 33 “Take the decision to start…”
•    Vitamin 44: “Main steps to succeed”
•    Vitamin 55: “Initiative”
•    Vitamin 65: “Never stop dreaming…”
•    Vitamin 77: “Positive thoughts ”
•    Vitamin 83: “Unleash you potential”
•    Vitamin 95:”Commit to your personal change”
•    Vitamin 119: “Understand success”
•    Vitamin 177: “Life is a gift”


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